Diverse People and Training Concepts

Training Overview:

The aim of an organization is to contribute to national development through quality education there can be no short cuts or half-hearted methods applied to carrying out training of teachers, who are the conduit of knowledge in school.  We run a customized and specialized school training program that addresses the training needs of our clients.

In-school training: We know the added advantage that training a whole school staff under the same umbrella brings to the development of staff in your school. It can markedly lift overall teaching and administration standards because a common basis of development is provided when all or a group of staff with common areas of service are jointly trained.

Training conferences: Educ8torsdose Consulting is committed to providing the best possible support to the education sector. We ensure that school teachers and leaders have the skills, knowledge, support and development advice they need at every stage.Our dedicated learning and development approach enables school teachers and leaders to retain their competencies and keep their skills up to date through structured learning.

Our conferences, seminars and workshops are designed and delivered by leading expert in their fields. They provide an opportunity for you to discover how best-in-class educational establishments and schools deliver exceptional result.

LEADERSHIP ACADEMY: EDUC8TORSDOSE TEACHERS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY is a leadership training course for teachers, empowering educators’ with strong leadership skills to take the lead.

Educ8torsDose Online Teachers Development Program.(Quarterly Program) An Online Continuing Professional Development Training organized to enhance teacher’s competency and performance.



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We committed and focused on advancing high quality learning by providing education research, teachers training, school improvement and the use of technology to advance learning

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We run a customized and specialized school training program that addresses the training needs of our clients.